Làgreme - Topaz Murano Glass Bracelet
Làgreme - Topaz Murano Glass Bracelet
Làgreme - Topaz Murano Glass Bracelet
Làgreme - Topaz Murano Glass Bracelet

Miani Venetian Jewelry

Làgreme - Topaz Murano Glass Bracelet

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A tasteful bracelet made of flattened Murano glass beads in two sizes and matching glass crystals.

The orange beads come in two varieties: the smaller ones are made to shine thanks to precious gold placed underneath the glass; the bigger ones are made of transparent glass.

The result is a timeless and elegant bracelet, that will complement your outfit without taking the spotlight.

It's part of our Làgreme Collection, which means tears: like water droplets catching on the thread, the shapes and sizes of these beads create a beautiful flowing motif.

  • Handmade jewel made in Venice with original Murano glass
  • 1 Murano glass beads flattened in shape, about 24 mm in size
  • 2 Murano glass beads flattened in shape, about 14 mm in size
  • 24-karat gold leaf
  • Length: bracelet cm 14.5 + extension chain cm 4 + bracelet latch
  • Matching glass crystals decorate the jewel
  • Thin steel wire is used to make the jewel
  • Metal parts are nickel-free
  • Shipped in a black box bearing Miani Venetian Jewelry logo
  • Contains a card that guarantees the venetian and artisanal production of the jewel with authentic Murano glass

The jewel is handcrafted both in the assembly and in the beads production, therefore it’s not possible to ensure the geometric perfection of the various components, but we emphasise this imperfection as evidence of its authenticity.

Why Miani Venetian Jewelry?

We are a small family-run workshop in Venice, Italy. Our jewelry is designed and assembled by us, and the beads we use are made of Murano glass and handcrafted by us in our shop and by other venetian artisans.

Our beads are crafted following the traditional lampworking technique, an art that goes back to at least the 17th century. It requires the use of a small burner to melt coloured glass canne - sticks - over a copper stick, where it is shaped using brass pliers.

Various decorating techniques are then used to make each bead a unique work of art.

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