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We created this platform because we want people to learn more about our craft, and we wish to promote authentic artisanship and a more meaningful experience of our city.

With this newsletter we will give you information and insights about Murano glass - from its history to its modern maestri - and lampworking, the technique we are most familiar with. We will also send you all kind of news and stories about Venice, its people and festivities.

Venice Carnival, San Marco Square

Venice needs your help!

We believe the beauty of handcrafting is the way it entwines art with an artisan’s city, its history and traditions. It’s a way for old techniques to meet modern instruments, and for age-old aesthetics to answer to modern sensibilities. That’s why our work cannot be isolated from our desire and effort to preserve a craft that is as marvellous as it is threatened.

Locals living in the city are increasingly more rare, and artisans living of their craft face much the same issues. In these circumstances tourism is both the illness and the cure: Venice cannot survive without the people who visit it, but it cannot survive either if something is not done about the way people see and live it.

That's why we need people like you,

people who appreciate the spirit of Venice and who wish to inform themselves about its history, its traditions and its issues, so that its beauty and its people may withstand the test of time.

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