Extended Warranty

Our glass beads are made by us in our workshop and by other esteemed venetian artisans. They are produced following the traditional lampworking technique, using only original Murano glass purchased on the island of Murano.

The assembly of the jewels is entirely handmade by us, using nickel-free jewelry components and other small beads.

A free gift for our subscribers: a lifetime warranty!

Whether you made your purchase online or in our shop in Venice, recently or a while ago, all subscribers to our newsletter will receive an extended lifetime warranty (for defects and accidental breakage) as a free gift!

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What can I expect from your newsletter?

We created this platform because we want people to learn more about our craft, and we wish to promote authentic artisanship and a more meaningful experience of our city.

With this newsletter we will give you information and insights about Murano glass - from its history to its modern maestri - and lampworking, the technique we are most familiar with. We will also send you all kind of news and stories about Venice, its people and festivities.

If you appreciate the spirit of Venice and wish to learn more about its history, its traditions and its issues, you've come to the right place!

How often will you write me?

We don't follow a strict schedule, but as you can imagine we don't have too much time to write, what with managing a workshop and an online store full time. We're trying to put a bit more effort into this project, though, and we hope you'll hear from us in the upcoming months, but we won't cram your inbox anytime soon: you won't receive more than one email every few months.

How can I benefit from the warranty?

If you ever find yourself in need of the warranty, all you need to do is write us an email at info@mianivenetianjewelry.com.

You should try and describe in detail the problem, and if possible you should also send us pictures of the defect and the jewel as a whole, so that we can work out with you the best and most cost-effective solution for the both of us.

If it's been a long time since making the purchase, it might be impossible to find the very same beads, jewelry components or other small beads previously used, but we will do our best to return you the item as close to the original as possible.

The delivery charges necessary to eventually ship us the jewel will be borne by you, however the costs to return the repaired item to you will be on us.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us at info@mianivenetianjewelry.com.