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Original Murano Glass

Made in Venice by Venetians

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Simple and comfortable, the Bàgolo Collection will give a splash of color to your everyday outfits.

For every bracelet your purchase you'll get another as a gift!


Bettina Weber reccomends Miani Venetian Jewelry

"This small family company makes beautiful glass jewellery, with attention to style and quality.
Whatever you choose, your Miani necklace or bracelet will become a favourite piece and a wonderful memento of your time in Venice."

One Bàgolo leads to another!

That's why the second bracelet is a gift from us.

  • Customize your collection by choosing from the many shades of colors available.
  • The coiled memory wire wrapped in rubber makes sure that the bracelet stays nicely in shape and always fits around the wrist.
  • The handcraft process of beadmaking in authentic Murano Glass makes every bracelet unique.
Three Murano glass bracelets from the Bàgolo Collection, by Miani Venetian Jewelry
Two Murano glass bracelets from the Bàgolo Collection, by Miani Venetian Jewelry

Do you know how Bàgolo 2x1 works?

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  2. For every bracelet you purchase, the second one is a gift.
  3. Shipping is free for purchases over 100€ in the US and Canada, and over 70€ in the EU.

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For every bracelet purchased, the second is a gift.

The Bàgolo Collection is made of Authentic Murano Glass

The Trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano is a proof of origin provided by Consorzio Promovetro. It certifies that products have been made on the island of Murano, according to glass making tradition.

We are a small, family-run workshop located in Venice, in Sestiere of Cannaregio, and as such cannot request this proof of origin. However, all glass rods used by us to make our beads are made of authentic Murano glass, produced by well-known companies from Murano island, and the beads' production takes place in its entirety on the island of Venice, by us and other esteemed venetian artisans. The techniques we use to make our beads reflect the centuries-old venetian tradition of beadmaking.

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