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Authentic glass jewelry handcrafted in Venice

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This Christmas, gift a bit of Venice with our original Murano glass jewelry!

Explore our colorful collections and find the perfect necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings for your loved ones.

Looking for a unique and handcrafted gift?

Our glass jewelry is made and designed in our small family-run workshop in Venice, Italy.
We use only original Murano glass beads created following the traditional lampworking technique – which are handcrafted by us and other venetian artisans.

Venice is our main source of creativity, and the names of our jewels are taken from our dialect: we chose the words we felt best embodied each of our collections, so that every jewel will be a chance to discover our city and our language for the lucky people who receive it!

Will it get here in time for Christmas?

We know holiday shopping is hectic, and that's why we'll do our best to make sure all your gifts get to you in time for Christmas.

We usually ship your package at most a couple of work days after your purchase (try not to buy your last-minute gift on Friday evening: we work on weekends but couriers don't!). After that it takes 2-5 days for delivery in the EU, US and Canada, but it could take longer for the rest of the world, depending on where you live.

If you're not 100% it'll reach you in time, just send us your address at we'll make an estimation with our courier and let you know a more exact time frame straight away!

How much does shipping cost?

We are a small business, which means we don't have any special arrangement with our courier that would let us lower the shipping prices. Nowadays free shipping seems to be the norm, but the truth is those costs need to be covered somehow, therefore the products' prices get higher. We don't feel like that's fair: if you were to buy more than one item, or if you lived relatively closer to us than someone else, you'd end up paying more than you really owe us.

That's why we keep our shipping costs separate: you can find your country of origin below, and see the corresponding prices.

Italy: 10 euros - free over 50 euros

EU: 20 euros - free over 70 euros

US and Canada: 35 euros - free over 100 euros

Turkey, Russia, China, Japan, India: 55 euros

Everywhere else: 65 euros

Is it original Murano glass?

The Trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano is a proof of origin provided by the Veneto Region in compliance with the law 70, passed on December 23 1994. It certifies that products have been made on the island of Murano, according to glass making tradition. It is managed by Consorzio Promovetro.

Our workshop is located in Venice, in sestiere of Cannaregio , and as such cannot request this proof of origin. We assure, however, that all glass rods used by us to make our beads are made of authentic Murano glass, produced by well-known companies from Murano island, and that the beads' production takes place in its entirety in the island of Venice, by us and other esteemed venetian artisans. The techniques used in glass processing reflect the centuries-old venetian tradition of beadmaking.

For more information regarding the distinction between Murano and venetian glass, take a look at Glass History.