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Beadmaking January

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Elena Miani wearing the double strand necklace from the Arlechin Collection

What's #beadmakingjanuary about?

It's a month-long video series we created to share with you how we make our creations.

The glass beadmaking tradition in Venice is centuries-old, and every artist has his/her own techniques and quirks, but the fundamental steps are the same.

We will walk you through how Elena Miani makes her own beads, the instruments and materials she uses, and the decoration techniques she prefers.

What can I expect?

The videos will be only a few minutes long each, and they'll get published twice a week on our social media: be sure to follow us not to miss any!

In the meantime, we're working on a more in-depth article to cover everything we can about beadmaking, that we hope will be a great start in your discovery of our beloved craft, and that we will send you as soon as it's ready, straight to your inbox so you don't miss it!

Nicola and Elena Miani, in front of their workshop in Venice, Cannaregio

Who is Miani Venetian Jewelry?

We are Nicola and Elena Miani, two siblings behind Miani Venetian Jewelry, a family-run artisan workshop in Venice, Cannaregio.

We design and create unique glass jewelry using only original Murano glass beads, handcrafted by us and other venetian artisans, following the traditional lampworking technique.

Handcrafting has been part of us our whole lives: we believe that handmade is worth the effort and that nothing made industrially will ever compare.

That’s why we make it a point to sell only authentic Murano glass and products from Venetian artisans: from glass jewelry, to glass sculptures, to handbags printed with a watercolorist’s original paintings, in our workshop we gather the most beautiful pieces from friends and fellow makers.

That’s also true for our online shop, where you’ll find only Venetian glass jewelry designed and assembled by us.

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We created this platform because we want people to learn more about our craft, and we wish to promote authentic artisanship and a more meaningful experience of our city.

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