About us

We are two venetian siblings from a family traditionally dedicated to artisanship. Nicola started working in the family business - which produced silver frames decorated with enamels - and carried on and perfected the enamel technique for a few years, while Elena learned the art of beadmaking in a well-known venetian company. We then decided to set up our own business, creating and assembling authentic venetian glass jewels. The beads are manufactured following the traditional lamp-working technique in our workshop in Venice, in the Sestiere of Cannaregio, near the Rialto Bridge.

Nicola and Elena Miani standing in front of their glass handcrafts workshop in Venice, Italy


To contact us, please email nicola.miani@gmail.com
Or call +39 366 9602383
For english speakers it would be best to arrange an appointment for the call, so that you can be put through someone that understand the language.

Our mission

Anyone who ever lived or worked in Venice knows that a symbiosis exists between the people and their city, much the same way as one exists between the city and the lagoon.

Our work is art and is artisanship, is the handmade traditions and techniques meeting modern instruments, and most of all is the desire and the effort to preserve a craft that is as marvelous as it is threatened.

Locals living in the city are increasingly more rare, and artisans living of their craft face much the same issues. In these circumstances tourism is both the illness and the cure: Venice cannot survive without the people who visit it, but it cannot survive either if something is not done about the way people see and live it.
Because of this we hope to use this platform to join the increasingly numerous voices that aim to inform and to spread awareness about the importance of responsible tourism, and we wish to provide insights and news about our craft, our city and artisanship in general.

Media assets

Resources available for the purpose of reporting anything related to Miani Venetian Jewelry. We do not authorize for any of our brand materials to be altered, edited or misrepresented.

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