Our new identity!

In the past few months we have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work to reshape our brand, and we are very excited to be finally able to show you what we’ve done!

Our name

Miani is our family name, and for decades we have used it in our artistic work.
But now that we are taking a new direction, we wanted something that better represented our roots and the object of our creative drive: thus Miani Venetian Jewelry was born.
This is our new identity, consistent across all websites and social media platforms to make it easy for you to find us.


Our colors

Venice is our main inspiration, and what better colors to represent that than the tones of our waters?

When we were looking for a color to depict our brand, we soon realized it was already all around us: in the curtains and decorations of our shop, in our jewels, in the canals that pass through our city.

Laguna – lagoon – is the name of the waters that make Venice unique, the name of the colored glass that we use to shape our favorite beads, and now it’s also the color of our brand.


Our website

We wanted to create a space that was a reference point for our online presence, so that anyone looking for us could find all the information they wanted in just one place.

Not just a business card where to look up our address, but a place where our customers could discover our craft, how all of our jewels are created and where they could buy and review them.

Other marketplaces will still sell our products, other websites will hold information about us, but will always be the to-go place to catch up with us.

We’ll also be much more active across all social media platforms, and if you want to stay up to date you should follow us there at @mianivenetianjewelry

Our work is the desire and the effort to preserve a craft that is as marvelous as it is threatened


Our mission

Anyone who ever lived or worked in Venice knows that a symbiosis exists between the people and their city, much the same way as one exists between the city and the lagoon.

Our work is art and is artisanship, is the handmade traditions and techniques meeting modern instruments, and most of all is the desire and the effort to preserve a craft that is as marvelous as it is threatened.

Tourism is both the illness and the cure: Venice cannot survive without the people who visit it...

Locals living in the city are increasingly more rare, and artisans living of their craft face much the same issues. In these circumstances tourism is both the illness and the cure: Venice cannot survive without the people who visit it, but it cannot survive either if something is not done about the way people see and live it.
Because of this we hope to join the increasingly numerous voices that aim to inform and to spread awareness about the importance of responsible tourism, and we wish to provide you with insights and news about our craft, our city and artisanship in general.


  1. Jane Weaver
    January 18, 2018

    Trying to subscribe to your website to obtain warranty on my bracelet was not successful after many tries. very frustrating..

    1. Eleonora Miani
      January 18, 2018

      I’m very sorry to hear that! I just sent you an email to solve this as quickly as possible.


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