Authentic glass jewelry, traditionally handcrafted in Venice


Each bead results from the centuries-old knowledge of Venetian artisans, and we take great pride in preserving and carrying on the lampworking technique.

inspired by the city of bridges

Venice is our hometown and our main source of creativity. In the jewels we design you'll discover the charming atmosphere of its streets and the quiet beauty of its lagoon.

unforgettable unforgettable andunique jewelsjust like our city

Whether you choose a necklace from our collections, or you ask our help to create the perfect custom piece for you, we'll make sure that you'll carry with you part of Venice's artistic legacy and of its unmistakable allure.

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howit's made

We are venetian jewelry designers, and we use traditional beadmaking tehniques to create fresh and modern glass jewelry.

theraw materials

Glass rods. Gold and silver leaves. Avventurina. Melted together to create unique shapes and designs.


Our beads are created following the traditional lampworking technique, either by us in our shop or by other esteemed artisans in Venice.


Each of our jewels is assembled entirely by us using nickel-free jewellery components and other small beads.

what's the difference betweenmurano andvenetian glass?



Close up of Palazzo Ducale in Venice, with a light green banner reading: Handicrafts as a tradition and as a future. Here's why our work cannot be isolated from our desire and effort to ensure our craft's survival.

Handicrafts as a tradition and as a future

The beauty of handcrafting is the way it entwines art with an artisan's city, its history and traditions. It's a way for old techniques to meet modern instruments, and for age-old aesthetics to answer to modern sensibilities. That's why our work cannot be isolated from our effort to preserve our craft's survival....

our                        location

Cannaregio - Salizada San Canzian 557730121 - Venezia

Our store is situated in the district of Cannaregio, near the Rialto Bridge and on the directive to Fondamenta Nove, and the boarding sites for Murano-Burano-Torcello.

We are open everyday from 10:00am to 7:00pm.

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call us+39 366 9602383+39 041 2759511


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