Cookies Policy

We use cookies and similar technologies across our website to improve its performance and enhance your user experience. This policy explains the way in which we use cookies, their purpose and how to change your preferences regarding them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are transferred to and stored by your browser on your computer. Everytime an user comes back to our website, their browser sends this cookies back, to allow us to offer a personalized experience, which reflect your preferences and facilitate your access to our services.

Types of cookies and their purpose

First-party cookies

It is possible that our site uses first-party cookies to allow our users to take advantage of our services through our website, and to allow its functionalities (for example, to log in to private areas, save products in their cart, to remember certain criteria such as language, etc.) and to gather information in aggregated form (anonymous) about users. Without these cookies, it would not be possible to provide these services.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to gather information about the website’s use by the users (number of visitors, visited pages, residence time on the site, etc).

Third-party cookies

When a user visits our website, it is possible that his browser stores third-party cookies, which are not controlled by us. These cookies are anonymous, unless the user has logged in with his own account. For example, these cookies could be originated by: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter or other social networks.

These third-party cookies allow users to interact with social networks and in particular to share part of the website’s content on those channels.

We do not control the storage or access to these cookies. For more information regarding third-party cookies, check the Cookies Policy for these services.

Managing cookies’ preferences

When accessing any page of our website, a banner will be displayed informing of our use of cookies. By continuing to browse our website, accessing another area of it or selecting part of it (for examble, an image or a link), you are granting consent for the use of cookies. Consent to use cookies is registered through a first-party cookie.

Most browser allow to delete cookies, reject them or receive a notice before each cookie is stored. The user can block or limit cookies through his browser’s preferences.

The user can find more information about how to manage Cookies on most common browsers at these addresses: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

However, if the user blocks or deletes a cookie, it could be impossible to reset his preferences or his personalized settings specified previously, and our ability to personalize the user experience will be limited.

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