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Handicrafts as a Tradition and as a Future

Handicrafts have been part of my family history for generations, and it is my hope they’ll also be in its future. That’s why our work cannot be isolated from our desire and effort to ensure our craft’s survival. Miani Venetian Jewelry is a small artisan workshop in Venice, in the Sestiere of Cannaregio. When you arrive in Venice you’ll probably start strolling along Strada Nova, and while you’re heading inevitably towards Rialto Bridge, you may find yourself bewitched by the many narrow calle that stretch into an alluring maze inside the city. In some of them, you’ll find a view that is both very familiar and increasingly more rare: a tiny shop window, sometimes a bit dark, maybe in a bit of a corner, other times...

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Venice is not just about Canals and Palaces

Venice is not just about canals and palaces, it’s about the people who keep this unique and amazing city alive and breathing. So today shout out to us, and to every artisan in the world who struggles everyday to make a living out of art, because he’s not ready to give up and let his craft disappear just yet. Who’s still willing to believe that handmade is worth the effort, that nothing made industrially will ever compare. But also shout out to everybody who takes a moment from taking pictures of everything to actually look around, to everybody who stops by a shop to admire a craftsman at work, or a painter by the street. To everybody who makes it...

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