Venice is not just about Canals and Palaces

Venice is not just about canals and palaces, it’s about the people who keep this unique and amazing city alive and breathing.

So today shout out to us, and to every artisan in the world who struggles everyday to make a living out of art, because he’s not ready to give up and let his craft disappear just yet. Who’s still willing to believe that handmade is worth the effort, that nothing made industrially will ever compare.

But also shout out to everybody who takes a moment from taking pictures of everything to actually look around, to everybody who stops by a shop to admire a craftsman at work, or a painter by the street. To everybody who makes it a point to take home with himself not just another plastic souveni, but something with a meaning. To everybody that comes through our door and tells us that what we do is amazing and appreciated: we want to say thank you, because you remind us why we do this in the days when we feel like we should just give up. Thank you so much.

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