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When you buy one of our products you buy more than just a jewel.

The centuries of artistry, beauty and charm of Venice are captured in each of our handcrafted beads, and we'll make sure that you'll carry with you part of Venice's artistic legacy and of its unmistakable allure.

Miani Venetian Jewelry

Arlechin - Multicolor Murano Glass Double Strand Necklace

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Inspired by the city of bridges

Our mission: why our work cannot be isolated from our desire and effort to ensure our craft’s survival.

We created this platform because we wanted people to learn more about our craft.

Many know about Murano glass at least by name, but not that many have had the chance to see its behind the scenes, meet the people behind it, and feel the way we feel about it.

If you appreciate the spirit of Venice and wish to learn more about its history, its traditions and its issues, you've come to the right place!

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